Our Goals

The main objective of OneLove is to help to improve the living conditions and opportunities for groups or individuals in different situations of vulnerability, especially of the most disadvantaged children and young people. From our association we carry out the promotion and development of projects on both educational and healthcare options that enable extended capabilities of these people and / or collectives with the aim of helping to improve their health, life expectancy, their education, as well as their access to the resources needed to achieve a decent standard of living.

It is also an important objective for us that the projects from the organization promote the autonomy of those who benefit from them. In this aim we want our projects to be self-sufficient and do not require constant intervention on our part.

In order to make possible the development of projects, from the association we performe the following activities:
– Collaboration with other associations and foundations with similar goals.
– Development of events and activities aimed at raising funds to achieve the goals.
– Awareness-raising and awareness of pubic opinion on the situation faced by the people, children and young people which aims to help.


The funds we collect for the promotion of development of the different projects come from:

– The membership fees.
– Donations, whether from public or private companies or individuals.
– Of the revenue obtained in the various events and activities organized for this purpose.